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Minus 33- Juniper Berry

Minus 33 is infused with juniper, hints of citrus and floral botanicals.
At 33% abv we found the perfect balance of spirit and flavour.

The original Minus 33; the perfect blend of juniper, citrus, and floral botanicals.

100% natural ingredients and only 46 calories per serving!

Low Calorie | Sugar Free | Unrivaled Taste | 33% ABV

"We cut out unnatural ingredients in favour of a blend that is brimming with hand selected botanicals."

At 46 calories per serving, this smooth, light and refreshing spirit is not your average ‘slim drink’ and can be enjoyed neat, with high quality tonic or as part of your favourite

At the heart of LoCa lies a disregard for the norm. Using instinct, and a touch of science, we worked tirelessly, to create the perfect taste. With Minus 33, what we discovered was that 33% ABV spirits tasted better, with 46-48 calories a serve. As a result it’s not quite gin. It’s something better.