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Bankhall: Sweet Mash

Introducing new Bankhall Sweet Mash - This is a bourbon style sweet mash, aged in exclusively new, charred American Oak casks and filled at a lower ABV to allow more oak character to shine through.

The ambition is to reimagine what English whisky can be, so they’ve used a Bourbon-Style Mash Bill of Corn, Rye, and Malt to create a thick and hearty mash that serves as the foundation for the spirit.

Then, by Sweet Mashing - the process of starting batches fresh every time - they are able to achieve a rich yet soft profile in all distillates, which, most importantly, allows them to be more daring with their adventures in distilling.

Non chill filtered. No colour added.
Triple pot distilled preserving richness of flavour.
Aged in new American charred oak barrels;  a blend of quarter cask and full size barrels.

Small Batch; created from less than 50 barrels.
Corn, rye and malt Bourbon-style Sweet Mash bill. High rye recipe (typically anything over 15-20% rye)

Tasting Notes
Nose: Delicious aromas of vanilla custard and toasted coconut
Taste: A palate of honeyed cornbread, baked apples and brown sugar
Finish: Round and creamy

70cl/ 46% ABV